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MultiTrim Pro™ Soap Trimmer

MultiTrim Pro™ Soap Trimmer

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✅ With planning/beveling duo function. You can plane and bevel in one shot or do it separately.

✅ It only takes 6 seconds to effortlessly bevel 8 edges on one bar of soap, or 600 bars per hour!

✅ Trouble-free "bladeless" design.

✅ "Hook" structure makes it easy to grip on the edge of your workbench and effortlessly trim your soap.

✅ Easily removes soda ash surfaces.

✅ It is a cinch to clean in a sink or dishwasher.

With the "hook" feature, our MultiTrim Pro™ Soap Trimmer allows you to place this device over the outside edge of your workbench or container, and trim your soap with very little effort.

Our soap trimmer is much more durable and easy to maintain than the blade-loaded wood or acrylic soap planers on the market.

This versatile tool allows you to trim your soap to a perfect square and bevel the edge all in one movement, or you can also trim and bevel the edges of your soap separately.

It is a one-piece tool without a blade, therefore you don’t have to worry about replacing blades forever. It is easy to use and a cinch to clean!


Materials: 14 gauge 304 stainless steel and silicone safety strip.
Finish: Glossy nickel finish.
Dimension: 2-1/2" H x4" W x 10-5/8" L (6.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 27.0 cm)
Bevel Angle: 45 degree.
Bevel Size options: 2mm, 3mm and 5mm. 
"Hook" height: 9/16" (1.5 cm)
Trimming Thickness: average 0.3-0.4 mm depending on the pressure you apply on the soap against the trimming edge.
Weight: 30 oz (0.85 kg)


Like most new soapmakers, I spent a small fortune on all kinds of tools when I started my soapmaking career. One of them was a conventional wooden trimmer.

The wooden trimmer has a blade loaded, two grooves for beveling, and a drawer on the bottom to collect trimmings. (You might have used the same thing that I am talking about here…)

I never felt confident and comfortable when I placed my soap on the groove and slid through the blade, because I was not sure if I held the soap straight enough in order to get a straight and even cut.

Most of the time, the bevels were not even at all and the blade shaved too much of my beautiful soap!

I ended up wasting lots of soaps and losing my temper! On top of that, the poor trimming performance, safety, and cleaning process were also a nightmare.

I even cut my fingers from time to time during trimming and cleaning!

To clean the whole unit, I needed to pull out the “tight” drawer to dump the trimmings, and then carefully wash it with a brush and a little water. To prevent the blade to get rusted from water, I used paper towels to dry it as soon as I cleaned the whole thing….

This frustration finally came to a happy end. Soon after I teamed up with my genius brother and his son, who have brilliant engineering minds, we invented the new tool that you are watching right now!

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