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EasyClean™ Compact Loaf Mold-Square

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Which bevel size is most popular?

55%-60% of customers choose 3mm bevel, but we'll happily exchange it for 5mm if you change your mind.

  • No need for a slab splitter. Save money and time.
  • Perfect square loaves every time.
  • Dent-free loaves. You can remove loaves as long as they have formed the shape, even when they are still a little warm or soft, and you don’t need to worry about getting the loaves dented, like with silicone molds.
  • Contamination free. It WILL NOT retain the scent, therefore it will never contaminate the next batch, which is the biggest disadvantage of silicone molds.
  • Convertible. You can convert it to a slab mold for cool swirl designs.
  • Stackable. You can set up the mold in a container with a lid and stack them up to save space.
  • Versatile loaf sizes and loaf amount.

Our EasyClean™ Compact Loaf Mold-Square, an interlocked soap mold, consists of eight pieces of 14 gauge heavy-duty stainless steel panels, one silicon pad, twenty pieces of linings and one paper-folding template.

All stainless steel panels and silicone pad perfectly interlock with each other to provide the most steady and square chambers for soap solution with tight seal.

Thanks to the poreless nature of stainless steel, our mold won’t retain any scents after it has been washed.

Our EasyClean™ Compact Loaf Mold-Square comes with a silicone pad with grooves that hold the interlocked structure in place and make installation super easy. When it is time to remove the soaps from the mold, simply pull out the panels from the pad.

You can take it apart for easy storage when you are finished with your project. It produces 55 bars of 1"x 2.75" x 2.75" soaps per use, total approximately 15.6 Lbs.

The whole structure is compact, precise, easy to use and make five perfectly square soap loaves.

It makes 1~5 loaves each time depending on how many chambers are filled up. It can be easily converted to a slab mold by only installing four outer panels with a folded paper box.


Materials: 14 gauge stainless steel panels, silicone pad and 5mil clear polyester linings.
Finish: Glossy nickel finish.
Dimension: 3-7/8" H x 12-3/8" W x 15-3/4" L
(9.6 cm x 31.4 cm x 40.0 cm)
Weight: 10 Lb 9 oz (4.8 kg)

I started my soaping journey with a small 8” silicone  mold. 

It didn’t require any set up, but it was very time-consuming and a pain to remove the soap from the mold…not to mention the capacity was very little. 

It was nearly impossible to remove the soap from the mold without destroying the shape, if they were not as hard as a rock. I even put it in a freezer to expedite the hardening process, and when the soap was hard enough to take it out of the mold, it hurt my hand to push out the soap! 

Next, I tried using larger 11” silicone molds (which were made of softer silicone), hoping to remove the soap with ease. Unfortunately, the molds would bulge out after I poured the soap solution into them. 

In addition, it was impossible to make new soaps with fresh scents, because the silicone would contaminate the new batch with the scent of the previous batch.

I asked myself, what is the best material that would stay free from contamination…and, how can I make a living as a soap maker using these types of “hobbyist” molds?

I needed a soap mold that:

  • Was sturdy...
  • Free from contamination...
  • Easy to unmold...
  • Would remain in a perfect shape after unmolding...
  • Compact and easy to store...
  • Much higher capacity… 

My frustration from using those “craft” molds finally came to a happy end, when I teamed up with my brother and nephew, who are engineers.

We invented the stainless steel molds that you are viewing right now!

A lot of love and care went into the design of these tools, and I hope they bring you joy on your soapmaking journey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kerry R.
The soap mold is perfect!

Wonderful to deal with. The soap mold is perfect! Lots of options. Easy to clean. Will probably pick up a couple of more!!!

Angelique H.
I love the versatility of this mold

I love this mold! It is so easy and clean to work with. I used it as 4 individual loaf molds and as 1 big slab mold. Both ways are amazing. I love the versatility of this mold, and even if you only need 1 of the 4 loafs it is easy and fast assembled. And the best part is, like all products of LiLu, it is made of heavy quality stainless steel, made with much love. The mold will not bow as many silicone molds do, which is a win win situation, and deserves 10 stars. You will also get perfect sized linings, which makes the unmold of the soap happen in only a few seconds. A few years ago, I already bought the planer/trimmer from LiLu, which I by the way highly recomment, and I am planning to soon buy the 5 loaf mold as well __

Teri H.
I bought this mold many years ago and wont buy any thing else

I was not happy with the sizes of molds I was buying. I had bought soooo many. Never happy. Also, the after cleaning was awful. I love the soap mold from LiluSoap Tools: #1 because they helped me custom size the mold and #2 its so easy to clean- stainless steel. I bought this mold many years ago and wont buy any thing else.


When I was buying soap molds, I have 5 different molds on my cart. I keep going back and forth to this mold. I was a bit hesitant about the price because it’s out of my price range. But I TELL YOU, THIS IS A STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL MOLD. Not only does it come pre-decided already, it saves me time by not using my log splitter. My experience with seller is amazing. She is very kind, very helpful and very understanding. She responded to my need so fast. Do I regret spending the money? My answer is definitely not! High end quality. A very professional seller with a golden heart. Believe me, I have all her products and that’s all I am using. Highly recommended.

Cody W.
The item is excellent. Seriously good stuff.

The item is excellent. Seriously good stuff. The only problem we had was with shipping. Item was listed as available when it wasn't. It was probably I one time thing but it took awhile to be shipped.

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