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Revolutionary Soapmaking Tools Designed To Instantly Raise The Value of Your Soap!

"I believe that handmade soap is the foundation of beauty.
It is the first step of fundamental skincare.
The high-polished look of skincare products can only be
achieved with superior tools.
I made my tools to give your products a more polished upscale look,
which will directly translate to more money in your pocket!"

- LiChing Liu
The Soap Tools Lady, founder of LiluSoap Tools™

Built to Last. Easy to Use. A Cinch to Clean!


Imagine an effortless and rewarding soapmaking experience
that allows you to create the most beautiful handmade soaps
with the highest polished upscale look,
knowing you are commanding the highest value for your creations and
rewarding yourself with the most fulfilling soapmaking experience
in the process.

SmoothCut Pro™ Soap Cutter


Soap Cutters

Soap Molds

Soap Trimmers

Soap Bevelers

What if you could increase your earnings from your handmade soap? What if your profits actually reflected the hard work, passion and care that you put into your unique soap creations? What if you knew exactly how to maximize your fulfillment AND receive the income you deserve?

Ever since I began my soapmaking journey, I struggled with those questions, frustrated with the difficulty in producing quality handmade soap with a high polished upscale look, but all of the soapmaking tools that I could find on the market were inefficient, hard to use, hard to clean, hurt my fingers, and left my soapslooking unpolished and unprofessional. 

 I felt like I was working too hard for too little, and not reaping the value of my time and effort. If your experience is anything like mine, chances are you are not reaping the value of your time and effort either, working too hard for too little, using inefficient tools that provide less-than-perfect results...not to mention the mess!

 As an industrial designer for over 20 years, I knew there had to be a better way, and I made it my mission to figure out how to create a higher-polished upscale look for my handmade soaps with greater ease and efficiency, because I knew that the high-polished look of skincare products would raise the value of my handmade soap products...

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