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EasyClean™ Compact Soap Mold-Rectangular

EasyClean™ Compact Soap Mold-Rectangular

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✅ Perfect rectangular loaves every time!

✅ Dent-free loaves. You can take off loaves as long as they have formed the shape even when they are still a little warm or soft, and you don’t need to worry about getting the loaves dented, like all the silicone molds would do.

✅ Contamination free. it WILL NOT retain the scent, therefore it will never contaminate the next batch, which is the biggest disadvantage of silicone molds.

✅ Convertible. you can convert it to a slab mold for cool swirl designs!

✅ Stackable. you can set up the mold in a container with a lid and stack them up to save space!

✅ Versatile loaf sizes and loaf amount.

Our EasyClean™ Compact Soap Mold-Rectangular, an interlocked soap mold, consists of seven pieces of 14 gauge heavy-duty stainless steel panels, one silicon pad, and sixteen pieces of linings.

All stainless steel panels and silicone pad perfectly interlock each other to provide the most steady and square chambers for soap solution with tight seal.

You can take it apart for easy storage when you are finished with your project. It produces 44 bars of 1"x 2.5" x 3.5" soaps per use, total approximately 14 Lbs.

The grooves in the silicon pad prevent leakage and also make installation super easy. When it is time to remove the soaps from the mold, simply pull out the panels from the pad.

The whole structure is compact, precise, easy to use and make five perfectly square soap loaves.

It makes 1~4 loaves each time depending on how many chambers are filled up. It can be easily converted to a slab mold by only installing four outer panels with a folded paper box.


Materials: 14 gauge stainless steel, silicone base and 5mil clear polyester linings.
Finish: Glossy nickel finish.
Dimension: 3-1/2" H x 12-1/4" W x 15-5/8" L
(8.8 cm x 31.4 cm x 39.7 cm)
Weight: 105 oz (4.0 kg)


Like most soaping beginners, my first soap mold was a 8“ rectangular silicone mold. I would have to keep it in an insulated container to let it incubate until it finished saponification.

Not to mention it hurt my fingers to remove it from the mold when it was hard enough, and it was always terribly out of shape after I finally unmolded it.

In addition, it was always contaminated by the scents of the previous batches. The size of this mold is so small that I would need to get a lot of them to produce a decent quantity, which also meant I needed to go through the unmolding pain so many times!

There was NO way I could make soaps for a living if I continued to use this kind of soap mold!

My genius nephew came up with a completely innovative soap mold that miraculously fixed all the troubles that I encountered and saved my soaping life!

The heavy-duty interlocked structure of this mold is so precise that it makes perfect loaves every time.

It is easy and fun to set up and clean. You can even disassemble the mold and easily remove the soap loaves without destroying the shape at all when they are still soft to touch.

Thanks to the poreless nature of stainless steel, our mold won’t retain any scents after it has been washed.

Our EasyClean™ Compact Soap Mold comes with a silicone pad that holds the interlocked structure and also prevents any leaks.


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