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Our Story


When I started my handmade soap business, I spent a fortune on all kinds of soap molds and tools, but I found myself feeling frustrated with them...and trying to get professional results seemed hopeless...

In addition to inconsistent results, they were hard to use, hurt my fingers, too bulky to store, and cleaning was a pain in the butt!

As an industrial designer for over twenty years, I could easily see how to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of soapmaking tools over what was out there.

I was determined to invent the best tools to end my soap production misery, and help other soap makers too. I addressed my frustrations to my engineer brother and nephew, and quickly teamed up with them.

After spending sleepless nights brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and many experiments at a high-tech manufacturer, we finally came up with the perfect solution—precise and durable stainless steel handmade soap tools.

We call it LiluSoap Tools®  They are built to last, easy to use, and a cinch to clean!

LiluSoap Tools® are all made of 1/16″ heavy duty,  medical-grade stainless steel, and are fabricated by an advanced CNC router and laser in my beloved country Taiwan, which is well known for producing high-end machinery.

They are manufactured at a high-tech stainless steel fabricator who specializes in medical equipment. Because my nephew is a head engineer with that factory, every single LiluSoap Tools® product is produced with extra care.

We have all the tools that you need to produce the most polished, high-end looking, cosmetic-grade soaps with greater efficiency. We have soap molds, soap cutters, soap planers, soap bevelers, and more to come.

We continue developing innovative tools, to improve all soapmaker’s production quality and capacity. We are currently developing an adjustable single string cutter that can easily cut a slab into varied loaf sizes.

We can also make custom tools for you. I love what I do, and I would be very honored to create even more special tools to make your soaping life more productive and enjoyable.

"I believe that handmade soap is the foundation of is the first step of fundamental skincare. The high-polished look of skincare products can only be achieved with superior tools. I made my tools to give your products a more polished upscale look, which will have a positive impact on your customers and your business."

I’ve talked to soap makers all over the world who love LiluSoap Tools®. They have transformed their frustrations into a rewarding and satisfying soapmaking experience, and I am very confident that LiluSoap Tools® can do the same for you.

If you don’t agree they are the best soapmaking tools you have ever used, send them back...risk-free. Discover just how enjoyable soapmaking can be...try my tools, and level up your soap production with ease!


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